Batchable vs Future vs Queueable Apex in Salesforce

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Batchable vs Future vs Queueable Apex in salesforce Explained

Batchable Apex :-

  • If it is a long running complex process then you should go for Batchable Apex and you can have an option to schedule the batch to run at customized time.
  • It can process upto 50 million records in asynchronous mode.
  • 5 concurrent jobs are allowed to run at a time and future methods are not allowed in Batch class.
  • Batch Class should implement Database.Batchable interface and it should ave three methods start(), execute() and finish() methods.

Future Method :-

  • For avoiding Mixed_DML_Operations exception, we will be going for future method where it will be running in asynchronous mode when the system resource becomes available.
  • If you want to perform complex DML operations and want to make external webservice @future(callout=true) means you can go for future method.
  • Future method should be static and return type is void, parameters must be primitive types, sObjects are not accepted as future method parameters.

Queueable Apex :-

  • It comes in handy , when you need to have both the operations of Batch and future method and it should implement Queueable Interface.
  • If one job is dependent on other job means here we can chain the dependent job in execute method by system.enqueuejob(new secondJob());
  • You can also able to chain upto 50 jobs and in developer edition you can able to chain upto 5 jobs only.
  • It will accept non-primitive types like sObjects and it also runs in asynchronous mode.
  • In this Queueable apex you can get Job Id to monitor the job progress.







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