Cloning user record in salesforce

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Cloning user record in salesforce can be possible through URL Hacking, Before that we need to know the limitations on user object where we can’t add custom button to detail page which restricts performing cloning operation in other possible ways,

Only possible way is by creating detail page links we can perform user cloning by making content source as URL and then we need to give below URL parameter values to it.


The above URL will clone the existing user details through clone parameter ‘clone=1’ after clicking on detail page link and if you click cancel button it will be redirected to existing user detail page through retURL=%2F{!User.Id}

Also Custom link section is available only in bottom of the user detail page where we can add our clone operation link.

If you want to remove Email, Alias, username and Lastname values of user record during cloning then append the user field api names by passing empty string values like below,

/{!User.Id}/e?clone=1&retURL=%2F{!User.Id}&name_firstName= &name_lastName=&Alias=&Email=&Username=&CommunityNickname=

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