pageReference Record page Navigation in Lightning

record navigation in lightningFrom version 43, Salesforce introduced the following seven pageReference Types in Lightning

  • Lightning Component (must implement lightning:isUrlAddressable)
  • Knowledge Article
  • Named Page
  • Navigation Item Page
  • Object Page
  • Record Page
  • Record Relationship Page

Now we are going to see an example of standard record page pageReference Type which replaces the force:navigateToSObject event.

Also, Object Page pageReference Type(standard__objectPage) can be used to bring Objects list view with filter name(Eg., Recent, All ) applied.


  1. One problem we’ve seen with this method is the “Edit” actionName – It seems that it won’t edit the modal window in the context of the current page. Instead, it opens a new (blank) context and then opens the modal window. This then strands the user if they hit “Cancel” and breaks if they hit “Save”. Has anybody else seen this?

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