Reusable lightning data service detail page in lwc

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Reusable lightning data service detail page in lwc can be used across multiple objects. Design attributes are supported in this component so the object and field api names need to be feeded when this lwc component is dragged into lightning flexi page.

Technical concepts utilized :-

  • Dynamic css applied for displaying fields according to supplied columns in design attribute for normal lightning fields
  • Design attributes in lwc.
  • lightning-click-to-dial base lwc – To dial phone numbers in the component, you must first enable the phone system. After the phone system is enabled, when a user clicks on a phone number the component notifies the phone system that the number was clicked. Then, the component passes along any information that’s required by the phone system to make an outbound call.
  • Dynamic lightning data service.
  • Recordtype Id fetch in lwc for showing picklists LOV’s based on recordtype.


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