Visualforce rendered attribute example Explained

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Visualforce Rendered Attribute Example Technical Explanation :-

Rendered attribute example i have written to explain the use case across visualforce pages before that we will see the technical explanation.

The rendered attribute is a Boolean value, it has true as default value and based on the value it will show or hide a page block or a field on the VF pages.

You can also use a IF condition inside rendered attribute to show results based on a criteria like below piece of code,

<apex:inputField id="Id1" value="{!Obj.Field1}" rendered="{!IF(Obj.fieldname = 'dk'|| Obj.fieldname = 'Dinesh' ,true,false)}"/>

In the below class constructor i am fetching a single record from account object and setting PBFlag to false which applied to rendered attribute on VF page and makes the pageblock to get hided.

Note: ***When the visualforce page is initially loaded, controller constructor will be called and the values will be loaded***

Apex Class(Visualforce Rendered attribute Example explained) :-

Public class renderedExample{
  Public Boolean PBFlag{get;set;}
  Public Account[] accRec{get;set;}

Public renderedExample(){
  accRec = [select name,id,accountnumber from account limit 1];

PBFlag= false;

Public void ShowPB(){
  PBFlag= true;

when you click on the button “Click me ..” in VF page it will make a call to controller method “ShowPB” and in that method am setting Pb Flag to true which in turn makes the pageblock visible.

VF Page(Visualforce Rendered attribute Example explained) :-

<apex:page controller="renderedExample">

<apex:form >
  <apex:pageBlock >
  <apex:commandButton value="Click me to set render attribute to true to show pageblock table " action="{!ShowPB}"/>

<apex:pageBlock rendered="{!PBFlag}">
  Account Name :<apex:outputField value="{!accRec[0].name}"/>
  Account Number :<apex:outputField value="{!accRec[0].accountnumber}"/>

For more on apex:actionFunction component :-

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